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Video baluns provide an excellent solution for long or short cable runs for security camera applications. In the past, RG59 coaxial cable was widely used for CCTV cabling but in many cases it makes more sense to use CAT5 cable instead of RG59. Typically when using RG59 cable, video signals are limited to about 400′ before video quality becomes undesirable. In situations where longer distances are needed, video baluns are your best choice. Active balun transmitters and receivers enable cameras to run distances up to 8,000 feet. Unshielded Twisted Pair “UTP” CAT5 cabling is easier to use and less expensive than RG59 cable, making video baluns the best cabling solution for many security camera applications. Start using CAT5 cable to run all your security cameras and future-proof your installations.

Did you know that you can run 4 cameras over a 1000 feet on a single CAT5 cable.

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