Analog Cameras

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Analog Video Security Cameras

Analog security cameras are the tried and true technology of the CCTV industry for years. Our family of analog security cameras supports video recording at the industry standard 960H resolution. This flexibility allows us to provide customizable high resolution analog solutions at the most affordable prices compared to other entry level technologies.

Analog solutions use either RG59 cable attached with BNC fittings or CAT5e cable with the assistance of video baluns to provide high reliability and expandability without the need of large hard drive storage requirements that “High Definition” TVI, AHD & IP technologies require.

If you require the ability to remotely view and access your camera system, our family of analog DVR’s supports easy to use iPhone and Android smartphone applications for remote viewing. So whether you’re just upgrading to the latest analog technology or purchasing a completely new video security system, our Analog Solutions provide the best value for your dollar and Active Vision has the right solution to meet your needs!

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