AHD Cameras

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Do you want to upgrade to a High Definition video security system, but don’t want to spend all the money to replace all your existing old Analog cameras and wiring? Our new HD Hybrid DVR recorders support your existing Analog cameras and allows for an easy migration path to High definition using new low cost HD 1080P cameras and your existing coax cable.

Among current HD solutions, maximum transmission distance, compatibility and cost are always problematic for both manufacturers and consumers. AHD technology is a brand new analog HD solution emerging in the CCTV market. Overall, the AHD technology can provide a more economical, easy to install and use solution for high definition analog video surveillance systems.

 AHD is an acronym that stands for Analog High Definition. AHD is a CCTV technology that uses traditional coaxial cable for video transmission, while supporting up to 1080P HD video signals over distances of up to 500 meters without any obvious loss in video quality.

By converting megapixel images to analog signals for expanding its transmission distance, AHD can lower total cost and bring HD recording to video surveillance systems. In addition, AHD can transmit HD video signal with resolutions of 720P or 1080P over CAT5e or better cabling using new HD Video Baluns to cover even more installation scenarios. By simply replacing the existing analog cameras and DVRs with latest AHD cameras and DVRs, users can upgrade their surveillance system to a brand new 1080P HD system that doesn’t require learning new installation methods or additional wiring costs.

Advantages for Utilizing AHD

  • High quality 720P/1080P HD analog video
  • No quality loss or delay for HD video transmission
  • Impressive long distance transmission capability
  • Easily upgrade your existing analog system to an HD system
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