SX-500 Series DVR

SX-500 Enterprise Series Digital Video Recorder
The Advantage SX-500 is a complete business management solution offering advanced digital storage and playback, full-featured alarm functions and superior remote access using H.264 streaming video technology. It’s easy to set-up and to use the mouse controlled recording, playback and archiving features. The SX-500 is a Windows™ based DVR developed for industrial and retail applications.

Best Digital Video Recorder
Advanced MonitoringAdvanced Video Monitoring
Support for up to 32 cameras, up to 8 monitors with high screen resolutions, and much more.
IP Camera SupportIP Video Camera Support
Supports a wide variety of IP CCTV Cameras. The Hybrid DVR can support up to 32 CCTV Cameras, any mix of IP Cameras and analog cameras.(Optional)
Enterprise Remote ViewingEnterprise Level Remote Viewing
Live streaming video & audio. Advanced playback, PTZ control, and I/O control. Optional CMS software to monitor, control, and record up to 1,000 SX-500 DVR’s.
Password ProtectionMulti-level Password Protection
Support for 1,000 accounts with logins and passwords, individual permissions and settings per user.
DVD BackupSuperior Video Back-up
Easy video back-up of short video clips and complete video archiving. EXE format back-up to play with any video player. AVI format back-up with multiple screens.
Email, Text, and Call NotificationsE-mail, Text Message, and Call Notifications
Configurable event notification. Send E-mail notifications with video images attached. Custom messages for telephone and text message notifications.
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