Standard Mobile DVRs

     Standard Mobile DVRs (MDVRs) allow you to record video and GPS coordinates directly to an SD Card. This allows video and GPS data to be reviewed manually when an incident occurs. This is perfect for the consumer or light commercial equipment where live video and seamless video archiving are not required.

Ruggedized Construction

Active Vision Economical MDVRs are are built to the IP54 standard, this makes installing them on fortlifts, payloaders, and other indoor/outdoor equipment not only feasible, but extremely reliable.

Redundant Data Storage

Supporting single or dual SD card with mirroring capabilities, you can be sure your data is safe no matter what the environment. reviewing data is as simple as pulling an SD card and plugging it into your PC for interrogation.

Aviation 4-Pin Connections

Engineered with 4-Pin screw lock connections guaranty you will never have a camera connection “fall out” due to any vibration or hard shock.

Tamper Proof Design

Purpose build machines with a tamper proof design insure our products will perform above and beyond fly by night companies.

Let Active Vision Inc., The Most Trusted Name in Video Surveillance, provide solutions you can depend on.

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