IP Based Network Video Recorders / NVRs

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In the battle between the current and new emerging security video cameras and recording technologies, High Definition IP has one major advantage over Analog CCTV and High Definition SDI. HD-IP “Internet Protocol” is network based technology. Security cameras can be located anywhere there are computer network connections and is the most flexible in CCTV system design including wireless. Cameras can be located in different buildings, streets or different states then combined over the internet to a central common location for viewing and recording.

A Network Video Recorder, “NVR” can also be located anywhere and has the ability to connect to any number of security cameras that it is programed to view and record. The image quality resolution of 1080P or greater of an HD-IP camera is superior to Analog CCTV technology, but it comes at a much higher cost. Not only is cost a factor, an IP camera system can be very complicated technology that requires a much higher technical level of IP expertise and in-depth understanding of LAN and WAN infrastructure.

If you require the ability to remotely view and access your camera system, our family of HD-IP Network Video Recorders has easy to use iPhone and Android smartphone applications for remote viewing. Therefore, whether you’re just upgrading to the latest IP technology or purchasing a completely new video security system, “HD- IP” provides the most scalable and flexible design for your security dollar and Active Vision has the right products to meet your needs!

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