HD TVI Video Recorders

Now offering affordable solutions for end users and installers everywhere that need High Definition images without worrying about distance limitations and integration with current applications. This new solution will provide 720P and 1080P images in real time for both live and recorded viewing purposes completely surpassing standard low quality Analog images and matches what IP cameras can do without the need of creating a complex network infrastructure.

Integration of HD-TVI is easier than ever now that our DVR units offer hybrid capabilities to help utilize existing cameras while still giving you the flexibility to use any of the new TVI camera’s available on our website.The average limitation on your video feeds used to be as short as 300 feet without the use of amplifiers and repeaters, but now with the use of HD-TVI new technology you can transmit your image up to 1600′ with the use of the same existing RG59 cabling!

Our HD-TVI DVR’s adopt advanced image encoding processors, which can allow the DVR to record up to 4, 8, 16, or 32 channels recording at 720 and 1080P resolutions. The HD-TVI DVR boasts a user-friendly GUI for easy operation similar to traditional Analog DVR’s units. It also supports multiple recording options such as manual, continuous, schedule, motion detection modes, and flexible video search functions for time, calendar, and events. The SX-5100 series has advanced support for DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE, TCP/IP network protocols & even supporting cloud monitoring. Utilizing dual streaming technology, the SX-5100 can adjust network stream to fit bandwidth without changing recording quality or hindering your network.

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