HD SDI Video Recorders

HD-SDI is the newest video technology, it stands for High Definition – Serial Digital Interface. The technology combines the simplicity of RG59 cabling technology used by CCTV analog cameras, with the high definition 1080P resolution of an IP camera. SDI Cameras and SDI Video Recorders produce excellent high definition video using conventional RG59 copper cable, BNC connectors and standard CCTV power supplies.

In the technology battle between conventional Analog CCTV and new emerging camera and video recording technologies, High Definition SDI has many advantages over both Analog CCTV and High Definition IP. Although HD-SD is new to the security camera market, this standard came from the motion picture industry and is well established and is very costly. If you require the ability to remotely view and access your camera system, our family of HD-SDI Digital Video Recorders has easy to use iPhone and Android smartphone applications for remote viewing. In time HD-SDI will become a more affordable solution, but if you have the budget for the best, Active Vision has it in stock.

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