When you place an order with Active Vision, your order will go through our unique multi-step process to guarantee your order is shipped quickly and correctly. Below we have outlined our common order statuses that your order will pass through in it’s short time here at Active Vision:

New OrderAfter you place your order, it is displayed in our system as a
new order
Payment DeclinedIf your payment fails to go through, you will get an email
stating your payment has declined as well as the reason for the decline
(such as an AVS mismatch, etc…).
ProcessingWhen your order reaches the “Processing” state, this means
your order has been charged and is currently under review by our sales
Back OrderedIf we do not have all the products on your order, your order
will be set to backordered. You will receive an email from one of our
sales reps explaining what item is backordered and the expected lead
time for the products.
Ready to ShipWhen your order reaches this state is has completed our
verification process and is ready to be pulled.
Pending ShipmentWhen your order reaches this state our team is working on
pulling the items from our warehouse. Once pulled your order is checked
by an independent reviewer, and then it is checked again when it is
packaged up for shipping.
Ready for Pickup / Charge for PickupIf you are a local customer and choose “In-store Pickup” as a
shipping method, this means your order has been pulled and is ready to
be picked up, if “Charge for Pickup” is the order status, then your
order will not be charged until you come down to our showroom.
See Order NotesThis is a special status that brings special instructions to
our attention for an order. You may receive an email with special
instructions or information for your order processing.
Shipped / CompletedThis status means we have made a label for your package. The
address information and shipping method has been checked by an
independent reviewer before being placed on our dock for UPS pickup.
Your tracking information will arrive in a separate email sent from UPS



If you have a question about your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. for our contact information and hours of operation, please click here